Fan vows to wear shorts until the Bears win a Super Bowl (Video)

By Emiliana Molina

Wearing shorts in Chicago may seem impossible during the city’s infamous winter weather. But Therese Schmidt can be seen in her shorts, running around the Loop on the blusteriest of days, delivering packages for Atlas Stationers, a store she co-owns with her husband.

Schmidt has been wearing shorts every day for more than four years. And she is strict in her regimen about them.

She only wears long socks with her shorts once the temperature hits 10 degrees or lower. But the rule is her kneecaps always have to show, no matter what.

The reason: She believes it helps Chicago sports teams.

[vimeo 154071915 w=474]

The die-hard Chicago fan says she started wearing shorts in 2010 to help the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, a feat the team had not done since 1961. Since she put on her shorts that year, the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup three times.

“It’s not crazy if it works,” said Schmidt. But her dedication isn’t only towards hockey. Most recently, she has been sending her good energy to the Bears, who haven’t won a Super bowl since 1985.

Photo at top: Therese Schmidt ready to make her daily deliveries in 30 degree weather. (Emiliana Molina/Medill)