Chicago’s growing exclusive sneaker market

Chris Loren has collected more than 100 pairs of exclusive sneakers (Coral Lu and Sean Froelich/medill)

By Coral Lu and Sean Froelich

Do the words Yeezy Red Octobers, Air Jordan Champagne 6 or Kobe 9 mean anything to you? Well, they mean the world to exclusive shoe collector Kris Loren.

29-year-old Loren owns more than 100 rare sneakers; some costing as much as $6,000. He has invested in buying, trading and bidding on shoes since he got his first pair of exclusive sneakers in high school. But this was just the beginning of what would become a lucrative hobby. Loren kept some of his early purchases for years, and found a receptive market among shoe fans just like him. He believes there is a greater earning potential in the selling of this particular type of rare footwear.

Photo at top: Exclusive sneakers collector. (Coral Lu and Sean Froelich/Medill)