Christian students offer their perspective on the presidential election

By Katanga Johnson

In the 2016 presidential election, young people supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a margin of 55% to 37%. In 2012, President Obama won an even larger margin, with 60% of the youth vote.

As a reliably blue state, Illinois had similar numbers of young voters in favor of Secretary Clinton. But that does not hold true everywhere in the state.

In and around Chicago, one likely place to look for Donald Trump young supporters is Wheaton College—an evangelical haven in one of the city’s western suburbs—which prides itself on teaching through a Christian lens.

In the video below, Wheaton students shared their perspectives as their fall term came to a close.

Photo at top: Justus Hanson, an International Relations student at Wheaton College, explains why he voted for Donald Trump.(Katanga Johnson/MEDILL)