Chuy to workers: I will be your mayor

Mayoral candidate Jesus "Chuy" Garcia announced Tuesday night he will go on to challenge Mayor Emanuel in a run-off election April 7 (Meg Anderson/Medill).

By Meg Anderson

Standing before his supporters Tuesday night, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia said he looks forward to April’s run-off election  and promises to keep Chicago’s working class at the forefront of his mind if elected mayor.

“This city deserves a mayor who will put people first, not big money’s special interests. I will be that mayor,” Garcia said in a celebratory speech at the Alhambra Palace restaurant in the West Loop.

Garcia will continue the race for Chicago mayor in a run-off election April 7 against Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who fell short of garnering more than  50 percent of votes needed to secure his re-election.

CHUY THUMBS UPJesus “Chuy” Garcia said Tuesday he believes the additional six weeks of campaigning will help increase his name recognition among voters  Meg Anderson/MEDILL.

Garcia said earlier Tuesday after voting at Corkery Elementary School on the West Side that he believes the added six weeks will give the candidates a chance to engage in a deep debate about the issues affecting Chicago.

During his Tuesday night speech, Garcia already began to bring the issues close to Chicago’s working class into the spotlight, touching on gun violence and public school closings.

“We’ve got six weeks of hard work ahead of us,” Garcia said before leaving his chanting supporters. “We’re going to fight and we’re going to work hard and we’re going to win. We’re going to take this city together.”