Cubs fans pay the price of success

By Katy Winge

The Cubs organization recently announced the average ticket prices for next year will increase by nearly 20 percent. But in the area around Addison Street, the businesses do not feel the need to charge more.

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Some stores said they will keep their prices the same, but have already stocked the shelves, predicting a higher a demand. Most bars and restaurants did not foresee a price increase either.

Two Wrigleyville employees shared their opinion on the increasing ticket prices, and both agreed the more expensive tickets will not affect people wanting to come to Wrigley Field or the neighborhoods that surround it.

Photo at top: The scoreboard at Wrigley Field reads World Series Champions. Cubs fans will see a change in ticket prices this upcoming season, which will help pay for updates to the stadium. (Katy Winge/MEDILL)