Easter in the time of coronavirus: Memories of hope and togetherness

By Samone Blair
Medill Reports

Despite changes to Easter celebrations across the globe due to the coronavirus, Rev. Chris Wadelton of Columbus, Indiana, hopes his parishioners will remember Easter 2020 as a time of hope.

Wadelton, the Pastor at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, sees silver linings in the health crisis both with charitable acts and increased family time.

“Sitting here in my office, I have huge windows to look out on the street and I see tons of people going by with their families on bikes and walking, more than I would’ve seen a month ago,” Wadelton said. “So I think there’s been some beautiful rays of light coming out of this, and I hope that that continues.”

Bogdan Minut, Director of Music Ministry at St. Bartholomew, also aims to remain positive despite being physically separated from his choirs. “We’ve been praying together and for each other, but not yet on Zoom. We might look into that though,” said Minut. “With the choirs, it’s been mostly email or phone calls together.”

The two leaders have been using the masses and music to allow the parish to feel a sense of togetherness and hope.

“I hope they remember the hope, that’s been the consistent message we’ve promoted all along,” said Wadelton. “This is all part of the Easter message. We’re going to get through this, Christ is with us.”

Photo at top: Spring flowers bloom beneath the cross on top St. Bartholomew Catholic Church. (Samone Blair/MEDILL)