George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Protests, White House

Fight for justice: Stories from across America

By Jenny Ly
Medill Reports

In this June 1-7 special report, Fight for Justice: Stories from across America, Medill Reports looks at how the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd on Memorial Day is sparking social change across the country.

It’s a new-age of protesting during the COVID-19 era and an image for the history books: protesters donning face masks while marching for a movement.

Floyd’s death under police custody happened amid a global pandemic, where states are gradually opening up and businesses resume operations. With the numerous protests and demonstrations — some violent and peaceful — experts will now closely watch to determine what type of impact this will have on coronavirus cases. See how Americans are responding to historic moments of 2020.

Photo at top: A Florida man holds a sign at a protest while also protecting himself in a face mask in response to the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd. (Samone Blair/MEDILL)