Gepperth’s Meat Market on Halsted Street still a prime stop after 116 years

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Gepperth’s Meat Market in the early years of business circa 1919. (Credit: Gepperth’s Meat Market)

By Jackie Walsh
Medill Reports

One store in Lincoln Park that captures the spirit of Chicago’s storied history and food scene is Gepperth’s Meat Market. The butcher shop opened in the neighborhood in 1906, making it the oldest family-owned meat market in town.

Although the surroundings and ownership have changed throughout 116 years in business, Gepperth’s quality products and personalized customer service remain consistent. Short staffing and increased meat prices prompted the butcher shop to close for the month of January to recuperate, but Gepperth’s is open for business once again.

Here is a look at the classic Chicago spot throughout the century.

Jackie Walsh is a sports media graduate student at Medill.