GoFundMe is Chicago teacher’s go-to when classroom needs supplies

Classroom of students
Photo at top: Classroom of students eager to answer Maddox's question about Fahrenheit 451.(Angel Idowu/MEDILL)

By Angel Idowu

With limited funding, classrooms at some charter schools like Gary Comer College Prep are unable to provide students with basic supplies. Frustrated, English teacher Brittany Maddox decided to create a GoFundMe page, where she raised $500 to supply her middle-school class with needed books.

“For me, teaching is about helping students realize their fullest potential,” Maddox said. On National Teacher Appreciation Day, her students took some time to reflect on her impact.

Photo at top: Maddox’s students are eager to answer questions about Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451,” a book she supplied after raising money on a GoFundMe page.(Angel Idowu/MEDILL)