Hiplet, the combo hip-hop and ballet dance phenomenon, finds a global audience

Photo at top: Hiplet dancers as they rehearse. (Ebony JJ Curry/MEDILL)

By Ebony JJ Curry
Medill Reports

When one thinks of ballet, hip-hop isn’t generally the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s a new dawn and it’s a new day for the world of ballet, thanks to Homer Bryant, founder of Hiplet.

Bryant, a Chicago native, merged dancing on pointe with lots of rhythm and soul to create Hiplet, in hopes of bringing more African-American ballerinas into the world of dance.

Since going viral in 2016, the dance style has gained worldwide attention. Today, Hiplet is continuing to reach higher heights and the dancers were recently featured in a music video with Chicago’s Hidden Beach Recordings.

Photo at top: Hiplet dancers rehearse at Homer Bryant’s Chicago Multicultural Dance Center in the city’s South Loop. (Ebony JJ Curry/MEDILL)