Humanity Relief delivers care packages to the homeless to combat Chicago’s winter

A volunteer gives two care packages to a homeless
Abdullah Qureshi, a volunteer from Humanity Relief, gives two care packages to a man living in a tent at one of the underpasses of North Lake Shore Drive. (Hazel Tang/MEDILL)

By Hazel Tang
Medill Reports

Humanity Relief, a local non-profit community support group, delivered care packages to the homeless people in Chicago to help them get through the brutal cold. The packages included food, daily supplies, towels and hygiene products for females as well.

Ali Khan, the group founder and president, packed up with his volunteers in their tiny office in Uptown and drove around the city to look for tents at various locations, such as the highway underpasses.

“Most of us are from countries which are not very developed. We’ve seen poverty on ourselves,” said Khan, whose family was originally from Pakistan. “Living in America, we all feel obligated to help people as much as we can.”

Besides delivering packages to the homeless, the group also assists in refugee or immigrant resettlement, and provides language and skill development programs for individuals.

Hazel Tang is a video reporter at Medill. You can follow her on Twitter at @hazelhztang.