Devoureaux Wolf, was unable to pay his cash bond. That's when he reached out to Chicago Community Bond Fund.

Jail bond reform heats up as Illinois lawmakers push for abolishment

By Nadia Adams
Medill Reports

On this episode of Medill Newsmakers, Illinois lawmakers are considering doing away with cash bond to reduce incarceration rates and reach economic fairness for low-income individuals charged with relatively minor offenses.

Opponents argue that if this law is imposed it leaves domestic violence victims at risk to be attacked again. They also say taking away cash bond eliminates the ability for local courts to fund services for crime victims.

Photo at top: At the West Side Center for Justice, Devoureaux Wolf, makes it apart of his mission to helping those who walk through this door. Growing up in the Austin neighborhood, he says he knows all too well the struggles people are dealing with in the criminal justice system. (Nadia Adams/MEDILL)