Lakeview store gives customers a video game nostalgia fix (VIDEO)

By Michael Bacos

Video games were much simpler back in those days before Playstations and Xboxes. There weren’t 100 different buttons on the controllers and the two-dimensional graphics with synthesized music brought a relaxing feel to those who grew up before the 90s.

Now we are to the point where video games makes us feel like we are inside the action. We feel like we are driving that car, firing that gun or throwing that football whenever we try to “relax” playing a game.

There are those who wish they could go back to the much less complex world of video games. People Play Games in Lakeview caters to those who wish to time-travel back to the days of Donkey Kong and Starfox.

[vimeo 152484440 w=490&h=270]

Kinzey Ring, manager of People Play Games, stated the most popular system at the moment is the N64.

“It’s popular again because the kids who grew up with it and had it…those kids went to went to college, got through school and now they’re out,” Ring said. “Now they have jobs and they don’t have to hunker down with studies anymore, so they have free time and money. They’re going to come back to what they grew up with.”

The store is also working on building a community among the retro gamers by having tournaments every Wednesday.

People Play Games is making what was once considered old, new again.