Local college women answer the call for Hillary at Old Town phone bank

By Jasmine M. Ellis and Torene Harvin

With the March 15 Illinois primary less than a week away, local college students hosted an evening of phone banking for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday at the Parkway Ballroom in Old Town.

Sponsored by Hillary for America, several of the volunteers remember meeting Clinton at a young age and wanting to be like her since childhood. A mixed crowd, most volunteers were women.

DePaul University student Catherine Vegis said she has always been inspired by Clinton. In fact, when she was in the fourth grade, she dressed like Clinton for a class project. From that moment, Vegis believed it was inevitable Clinton would run for president.

“For me Hillary has been very outspoken and progressive within her ideas not just for women but for all minorities, and that’s something that I am here advocating for,” Vegis said. “We can continue to move that bar and reach that glass ceiling and break through it.”

Photo at top: “Can you talk?” Check. “Are you registered to vote?” Check. Chicago students drum up support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at an Old Town phone bank Thursday. (Jasmine M. Ellis and Torene Harvin/MEDILL)