Loyola Prof Gets Up Close and Personal With Workplace Podcast

Jill Geisler teaches ethics class at Loyola’s water tower campus. (Yunfei Zhao / MEDILL)

By Yunfei Zhao

If being a boss is hard enough, the presence of social media can make it even harder, according to a Loyola University podcast that aims to coach leaders in workplace collaboration and conflict resolution.

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Communication style changes by the influence of advanced technology. Loyola University Chicago’s educator produced podcast to offer advice of leadership skills. (Yunfei Zhao / MEDILL; Podcast recording footage provided by Jill Geisler)

“I hear from people who are newly promoted, who would like to be promoted, or have been in leadership for some time but never had the benefit of training,” said Jill Geisler, producer of “Q&A: Leadership and Integrity in the Digital Age” and an ethics professor at Loyola.

The podcast includes five-minute short clips that answer questions such as “should managers be Facebook friends with staff?” or “Should leaders ever lie?”

Geisler said she uses social media tools to engage her audience, which enables her to receive up to half of her comments from abroad, such as India and Brazil.

Seth Liss, former editor at the Poynter Institute, said he’s unsure how accessible practical communications tips are in general but knows “Jill’s are easily accessible. You can listen to one, get some lessons and use that as your advantage.”

Liss hopes to see Geisler expand her offerings perhaps producing content to teach employees how to wisely work with managers.

Photo at top: Jill Geisler teaches ethics class at Loyola’s water tower campus. (Yunfei Zhao / MEDILL)