Modern technology examines mummies without unwrapping them

Modern technology helps examine mummies in a non-disruptive way

By Xinyi (Ethel) Jiang
Medill Reports

The mummies have returned.

After traveling around the country on exhibition for five years, 14 mummies came back home for a final run in Chicago at the Field Museum.

The primary theme of the exhibit is how scientists — using modern technologies such as CT scanning — can look inside the coffins and mummy bundles without actually unwrapping them. This leaves the mummies undamaged and allows future scientists with newer technologies to study them further, according to Patrick Ryan Williams, chair of the department of Anthropology at the Field Museum.

The mummy exhibition opened to the public last Friday.

Photo at top: The Field Museum uses CT scanning technology to examine mummies. March. 13, 2018. (Xinyi Jiang /MEDILL)