New mural at Roosevelt High School encourages students to release their inner artists

Kane One Signs the mural
Photo at top: Artist Kane One signs the mural he created for Roosevelt High School.

By Thomas Ilalaole
Medill Reports

With nearly 80 percent of U.S. schools facing funding issues, art is one of the first subjects to be cut in school curriculums, according to a survey by LIFEWTR and IPSOS. A program at Roosevelt High School is fighting that trend.

LIFEWTR has teamed up with Chicago Public Schools to fund the installation of art pieces by local artists including Merlot, CZR PRZ, Kane One, and Asend One. On Wednesday May 22, Kane One unveiled the third and final piece at Roosevelt this year, to show his support and inspire students to express themselves.

Kane One describes his work as being “at an intersection of graffiti, studio painting, art education, community organizing and public space.” He’s taught at grade school, high school and college level, and has partnered with Chicago Public Schools for other local art initiatives.

Picture of Kane spray painting. (courtesy of @kane_one)
Kane One spray paints a mural. (Instagram photo courtesy of @kane_one)

Kane One’s art acknowledges the consequences of segregation and systemic racism, and  honors the triumphs against these conditions. “This is essential in making my work accessible for deeper, creatively disruptive conversations,” says Kane. “Art forces people to share a moment, so even if you’re a complete stranger with somebody else, and you happen upon a public art at the same time, there’s an instant connection. So it brings people together.”

Photo at top: Artist Kane One signs the mural he created for Roosevelt High School. (Thomas Ilalaole/MEDILL)