VIDEO: Canines train to detect thyroid cancer

By Angela Barnes

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A German Shepherd mix named Frankie and his two canine counterparts can detect thyroid cancer with 97-100 percent accuracy, according to researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).

This life-saving role is a big change for Frankie who himself was rescued four years ago and has become the poster canine for the non-profit Frankie Foundation.
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Experts: recent spikes in stocks to further boost interest in China funds

By Lucy Ren

Despite recent slowdowns in the Chinese economy’s growth rate and persisting market vulnerability, the Chinese stock market has rallied to a seven-year high. Market experts anticipate greater momentum for growth and interest in the Chinese market despite its irrational nature.

In May the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index bounded up 8.3 percent to 4657.6, the highest level since December 2007. The Hong Kong benchmark Hang Seng Index soared almost 13 percent in April, marking the largest monthly gain since April 2009. By contrast, the Hong Kong index experienced just moderate fluctuation in May, closing at 27992.8 on Friday.

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VIDEO: Wallabies to run on Soldier Field

By Brian MacIver

Justin Biggs remembers the All Blacks November visit to Chicago.

“Euphoria. Everyone knew this was the first time in a very long time that this had happened. It was just a buzzing. Everyone singing, dancing, having a few drinks. Just having a genuinely good time.”

The Australian consulate employee will get to chance to cheer on his home country’s rugby team as the Australian Wallabies, one of the world’s best rugby clubs, will come to Soldier Field on Sept. 5 to play the USA Eagles.

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High profile ‘spoofing’ cases put traders on edge

By Lucy Ren

Traders are on notice and looking for ways to avoid even the appearance of being market manipulators as prosecutors and regulators crack down on spoofing, an illegal practice that was blamed in part for setting off a “flash crash” in 2010.

Spoofing involves pushing a market price in one direction by entering large numbers of orders, then quickly canceling them. This tricks other investors into buying or selling at artificially high or low prices.

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Analysts see opportunity in Macy’s shares

By Siyuan Du

Macy’s Inc. struggled with falling sales and slim profits in the first quarter, but analysts see opportunity in the shares.

Since reporting quarterly earnings that fell short of Wall Street estimates and an unexpected 0.7 percent drop in sales last week, shares of the department store retailer have climbed 7 percent to $68.11 at Friday’s close.

Over the past year, Macy’s stock has risen 20.7 percent, compared with a 13.5 percent increase for the Standard & Poor’s 500 index.

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Expert shares the benefits of rock-climbing

By Carmen Lopez

Rock climbing is gaining traction in Chicago with the addition of the Malkin-Sacks Rock Climbing Walls at Maggie Daley Park. Keith Geraghty, 38, is the director of climbing programming at the Chicago Athletic Clubs has been scaling walls for 15 years. Geraghty discusses how those who participate in the sport reap the benefits.

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Farm slump hits profit at Deere & Co.

By Siyuan Du

Deere & Company reported a 30 percent decrease in second-quarter net income because of a slowdown in the global farm economy, but its stock rose more than 4 percent as the company raised its profit forecast for the full year.

The Moline, Illinois-based agricultural manufacturer earned $690.5 million, or $2.03 per diluted share, for the second quarter ended April 30, compared with $980.7 million, or $2.65 per diluted share in the year-earlier quarter. Continue reading