PHOTOS: Northwestern women’s soccer defeats University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Northwestern Aurea del Carmen beats the defense to score her second goal on a shot from the edge of the box. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)

By Xiaotao Zhong
Medill Reports

Northwestern women’s soccer faced University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in a spring season game on April 24. The Wildcats took an early lead in the first half, thanks to forward Aurea del Carmen’s goal. They continued dominating the rest of the game and scored three more goals in the second half as they beat the Panthers with a 4-0 final score.


Northwestern women’s soccer takes on University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee at Ryan Fieldhouse on April 24. The game was originally set to play at the outdoor Martin Stadium, but the rainy weather condition forced the game to be played indoors. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Northwestern midfielder Ingrid Falls pushes the ball forward. The Wildcats took control in the first half. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Four Milwaukee players surround Northwestern sophomore Kelsey Kwon as she battles for possession with the opposition. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Northwestern prepares to kick off the second half. The Wildcats led 1-0 after the first half thanks to senior striker Aurea del Carmen’s goal. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Northwestern continues to create chances as forward Elyse DeSchryver tries her luck from long range as she takes on a volley. The Milwaukee defenders try to block the shot. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


The constant pressure pays off for the Northwestern side as Aurea del Carmen beats the defense to score her second goal on a shot from the edge of the box. The Wildcats take a 2-0 lead. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Northwestern midfielder Kelsey Kwon waits for a pass from her teammates during the game. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Northwestern right midfielder Lily Gilbertson shows her speed and skills as she drives the ball toward Milwaukee’s defense. Gilbertson has been a crucial piece for the Wildcats’ attack, and she scored a goal later to seal the win. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Northwestern right back Nicole Doucette waits to take a throw-in during the game as the Wildcats enjoy a comfortable 3-0 lead with less than seven minutes left in the game. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


Doucette battles for the ball as she holds off the Milwaukee attacker. The junior, who usually wears number 28, had to wear number 6 as something went wrong with her jersey, coach Michael Moynihan said. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


The Milwaukee goalkeeper takes a goal kick during the game. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)


The Northwestern women show appreciation for their fans after the 4-0 win against Milwaukee. (Xiaotao Zhong/Medill)

Xiaotao Zhong is a sports media graduate student at Medill. You can follow him on Twitter at @SunnyZ_16.