Q’s on the Quad: University of South Carolina

Q's on the Quad visited University of South Carolina the dat after the New Hamphire primary to discuss its results and their impact. (Samone Blair/MEDILL)

By Samone Blair and Emine Yücel

Medill Reports

The day after the New Hampshire primary, Medill School’s Q’s on the Quad asked students at the University of South Carolina in Columbia whether what’s happening in other state’s primaries would affect who they will be voting for on Saturday’s South Carolina primary. While some said even though it’s important to pay attention to the results of other state’s primaries, it’s not crucial in their decision making. Others emphasized they will decide who they’re voting for based on the candidates’ performances so far.

Regardless of how they will make their decisions, USC students agreed that the campus culture is welcoming to a range of political beliefs.

“At USC, nobody is thumping each other in the chest with their political beliefs,” said Evan Rouleau, a senior studying mechanical engineering.“I think we have a healthy campus here as far as respect goes. I enjoy having conversations about it from time to time.”

Photo at top: Q’s on the Quad visited University of South Carolina after the New Hampshire primary to discuss the results and their impact. (Samone Blair/MEDILL)