Softest, squarest alpacas win ribbons at Wisconsin festival

By Manasi Kaushik

For an alpaca to win the WI Alpaca & Fiber Fest competition, it has to be square-shaped. Judges are looking at the body structure and proportions, in addition to the softness of the fleece.

“The best alpaca is one that just has a really nice feel to it,” said Vicky Telesko, owner of Love Me Alpacas in Kiel, Wisconsin. She is the “proud mama” of around 60 animals she raises for their fiber.

This is the fourth year for the non-profit festival in West Bend, Wisconsin. The winning alpaca owners are awarded ribbons and a title, both of which can mean bigger sales and better breeding options for their animals.

An alpaca from the Sugerland alpaca ranch in Durango, Iowa, at the WI Alpaca & Fiber Fest (Manasi Kaushik/MEDILL)