Strong winds shake Chicago

Winds reached up to 25-35 mph (Brad Hoc/Creative Commons)

By Haydee Clotter and Brooke Rayford

The Windy City is in full effect today, with a wind advisory set until 6 p.m. tonight for Cook County and surrounding areas.

Heavy thunderstorms moved in late Wednesday night causing viscous rain and strong winds that have transferred into the today with gust from 40 to 50 mph.

The O’hare International Airport has cancelled and delayed at least 140 flights. In addition to multiple inbound and outbound train delays and suspensions.

Experts are advising that drivers be alert on the road during the difficult driving conditions for there may be potential of light objects blowing in the streets.

Winds are expected to continue into tomorrow.

Photo at top:High winds whipped more than just the city’s flag as transportation, locals and tourists were hit by the gusts. (Brad Hoc/Creative Commons)