U.S. role on global stage bigger and stronger than ever, Kerry says in Chicago

By Duke Omara Secretary of State John Kerry, in what will likely be one of his last major speeches as the nation’s chief diplomat, has dismissed criticism that America’s global role is diminishing, and that the country was disengaging from the rest of the world. “The United States today is more deeply engaged, in more […]

Fighting the Digital Caliphate: The war against the keyboard jihadis

By Shahzeb Ahmed The video starts with two hands raised in prayer. Soon, the hands are preparing a bomb. The man appears to don the prepared bomb inside a suicide vest. The next frame features scenes from New York City. This is an Islamic State message shared on multiple social media platforms and further transmitted […]

Experts weigh implications of immigration in Chicago and U.S.

Immigration Conundrum Panel

By Hannah Rank Leaders in immigration research argued Friday that immigration has significant economic and demographic benefits for the city of Chicago. “What I’m seeing from my clients is that they are contributing to society regardless of what their immigration status is,” said Olga Rojas, chair of the Chicago chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers. […]