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A core of Chinese Americans mobilizes for Trump, wins the day and looks to the future

By Jingzhe (Kelly) Wang

Asian Americans were not among Donald Trump’s majority in Tuesday’s election. About three quarters of Asian American voters backed Hillary Clinton, according to the National Asian American Election Eve Poll released by America’s Voice the day after the election. Trump got only 19 percent of the Asian votes.

Still, the Chinese American community had its vocal supporters who, along with more than 59 million fellow Americans, voted for Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the United States.

A leader for the Chinese Americans for Trump movement estimates that they called on 8,000 volunteers to get the job done this election.

Listen to the story behind that story.

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Smoking rates among younger Chinese-Americans shrouded in mystery

By Ruojing Liu

Cigarette butts litter the streets in Chinatown. The Respiratory Health Association (RHA) collaborates with the Asian Health Coalition to organize students for a tobacco litter clean-up there on World No-Tobacco Day each May 31st. They meet in Chinatown Square. As in the past, volunteers can expect to fill dozens of clear jars with cigarette butts, said Todd Fraley, health policy analyst at RHA.

Chicago’s Chinatown, just off the Red Line south of the Loop, is home to about half of all 48,000 Chinese Americans residing in Chicago.
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Cantonese opera strikes a chord in Chinatown

By Vishakha Darbha

The Chicago Public Library hosts a Cantonese opera every Wednesday and Saturday, performed by the Zhaoqiu Chinese American ART Center. Opened last August, Chinatown has seen a growth in the number of new institutions, including a Park District Field House.

Chicago invested $19 Million in building the library. It is designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, which also designed New York City’s One World Trade Center. This was part of the Chinatown Community Vision Plan, a step toward investing in the area. Chicago’s Chinatown is thriving, unlike others in the rest of the nation, with the population increasing by more than 25% from 2000 to 2010.

The Chinese-American community in Chicago has recently been energized by various political events. A large crowd of Asian-Americans came together to protest against NYPD officer Peter Liang’s conviction on Feb. 20, while 2nd District State Representative Theresa Mah has emerged as the first Asian-American legislator in the Illinois General Assembly.

Asian-Americans share their perception on the increasing visibility of the Chinese-American community, during a Cantonese Opera performance at the Chicago Public Library (Vishakha Darbha/MEDILL)
Photo at Top: Cantonese Opera Performer at the Chinatown Branch of the Chicago Public Library (Vishakha Darbha/MEDILL)

Gay Chinese Americans are caught in a tug-of-war

By Jenny Lee and Ya Zhou

Disoriented by the constant tug-of-war in China over homosexuality, gay Chinese Americans are looking for support in the United States, where same-sex marriage is legal.

What they are facing is the conflict between their gender identity and the traditional values their parents hold, but with family lying at at the core of their culture, abandoning their parents is rarely an option. A tug-of-war in the family can easily turn personal and painful.
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