ComEd’s green energy innovation is partnering with historic Bronzeville

By Jillian Melero Medill Reports Bronzeville, the South Side home of Chicago’s Black Renaissance and the birthplace of Black History Month, hopes to launch its next Golden Age with support from a smart microgrid being installed by utility ComEd. The microgrid will tap green energy to help power the community. Once completed in 2019, the […]

ComEd and other energy companies call for a ‘rush to renewables.’

Downtown Chicago lit up at night

By Hannah Moulthrop The next Uber or Airbnb in your life may be your local electric utility company. Choosing how to power your home in the future could be more like selecting from your Netflix queue, with a market of energy options to choose from to meet your particular energy needs. And the reinvention is […]

Energy and power company leaders meet in Chicago to call for a clean energy surge

By Puja Bhattacharjee It’s time. Energy leaders are calling for a shift to renewable power sources to meet future needs for utility companies, including for Commonwealth Edison Co. “How do you take the systems we have built into smart systems and turn it clean?” asked Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO of ComEd. You build up […]

Energy efficiency efforts in Chicago set to expand

LUCHA's home buyer workshop

By Yu-Ning Aileen Chuang Ramiro Amirez, 32, went to a workshop recently with his wife Olivia and their fourth baby. They are hoping to buy a new home within their budget. Although seeking a place with a decent price is important, saving money as much as they can is also crucial. That’s why energy efficiency […]

Chicago’s solar opportunities grow

The restaurant Uncommon Ground has five solar thermal panels that provide 10 percent of its overall energy needs.

By Yu-Ning Aileen Chuang Listening to people talk about the beauty of having solar as their energy source, you might have your doubts. When do you earn back your initial investment, how do you pay for the high upfront cost and what if you don’t have a house? Challenges remain,  but things  have changed If […]

Illinois’ energy policy challenged

Solar panels between two buildings in downtown Chicago

By Yu-Ning Aileen Chuang Donald Trump may describe the nation’s energy policy as a “disaster,” but not everyone in Illinois would agree. With the most nuclear power plants in the nation, and as one of the top five coal-produced states, Illinois is pressing ahead as well for clean energy jobs and industries. The state’s clean […]

ComEd receives grant for Bronzeville microgrid, residents wonder about jobs

Wind Turbine in western Illinois

By Kaitlin Schuler Commonwealth Edison Co. received a $4 million grant today from a U.S. government initiative for components of its planned microgrid creation in the Chicago Bronzeville neighborhood. ComEd believes that the creation of a microgrid will improve the area by connecting residents and providing energy-saving options and put Chicago on the map as […]