Scientists track tipping points of climate change

By Chelsea Zhao Medill Reports Crystal Rao, a geoscience graduate student at Princeton University, bases her research on environmental changes and impacts on species using nitrogen isotopes in fossils. Rao uses the ratio of two common forms of nitrogen as a standard and compares it with the nitrogen inside the tooth tissue of the megalodon […]

Will evaporation dry up water sources as climate change worsens?

An aerial photograph of Mono Lake in California

By Gabrielle Rancifer Medill Reports “If we didn’t have evaporation, we wouldn’t have water in the atmosphere,” said Thomas Lowell, a geology professor at the University of Cincinnati.  Researchers closely follow and evaluate both evaporation and precipitation because they are key components of the water cycle. Evaporation delivers water to the atmosphere, and precipitation delivers […]

Scott Travis: On call for farm, foundation and science

By Chris McConaghey Medill Reports Scott Travis didn’t know what to expect when he put in an application to work for Lands’ End clothing company in 1987. He was 32 years old then and got the position. During that time, he had several opportunities to meet and talk with the late Gary Comer – founder […]