Last dance in the Big Easy

Filmmakers (from left) Josh Freund and Sam Radutzky go behind the scenes with the band Papa Grows Funk in their music documentary, "Do U Want It."

The new ‘funkumentary,’ Do U Want It?, is director Josh Freund’s cinematic love letter to the band Papa Grows Funk and the New Orleans music scene. By Morgan Levey Medill Reports For 90 minutes on a winter evening a vortex opened in Chicago’s Davis Theater and the crowd was transported down south, to the land […]

Filmmaker, dad finds disability rights cause in plight of lost daughter

By Yixuan Chai Standing at the corner of Adams and Dearborn, Joey Papa and several friends yell at passersby through a loud speaker — for a reason: To raise awareness of people with special needs. On this cold Tuesday in February, between educating people walking by the post office about prejudice against those with special […]