Cosmic rays from the galaxy help track retreat of glaciers on Earth

By Lakshmi Chandrasekaran Cosmic rays, hurling across the galaxy near light-speed, generate a time machine on Earth for us to measure the retreat of the glaciers and the pace of climate change. Ph.D. student Peter Strand, at the University of Maine, drilled samples of quartz from boulders in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains this summer to tap […]

A climate change for ‘glaciogenic’ art

Tigers are an endangered species due to humans' negative impact on ecosystems.

By Lakshmi Chandrasekaran Glaciers and  forests show jagged retreats in Jill Pelto’s paintings while the sky above heats up. Pelto, a graduate student studying climate science at the University of Maine, uses her art to convey the impacts of climate change on world environments. She overlays climate change research data with striking colors and vivid […]