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Undocumented father takes sanctuary in church

By Bian Elkhatib


ose Juan Federico Moreno has not left University Church in Hyde Park since April 15. He is seeking sanctuary from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after they asked him to self-deport to Mexico.

Moreno, who is from Bolingbrook, has a wife and five U.S. citizen children. He was targeted for deportation after receiving a DUI in 2009.

“I regret what I did. But I paid my fines, all the tickets I got,” Moreno said in Spanish.

He said living in the church is difficult, but he’s thankful for the support he’s receiving from the church, the community and his family.

Photo at top: Jose Juan Federico Moreno has been living in University Church for over 40 days. He is taking sanctuary from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (Bian Elkhatib/MEDILL)

Protesters fight for undocumented immigrants

By Nikita Mandhani

Chicagoans woke up Tuesday morning to word that demonstrators were blocking traffic on Congress Parkway at LaSalle Street. They were protesting the nation’s deportation policies. Twelve were arrested. Here’s what’s left behind after the protests for undocumented families who are fighting for #Not1More deportation.

Individuals protest against ICE raids and deportation (Nikita Mandhani/Medill)

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City lawmakers join local activists to prevent immigration raids

By Jay Bouchard

Chicago activists and city politicians are responding to the federal government’s increased deportation efforts by organizing community awareness campaigns and filing resolutions condemning raids on undocumented families.

Several Chicago-area immigration rights organizations have hosted workshops and led door-knocking campaigns in an effort to educate undocumented immigrants about their rights in the instance of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid.
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