Little Village Community Council welcomes Venezuelan refugees with open arms, stresses need for mental health services

By Brenda Ordoñez  Medill Reports A Chicago organization with strong Mexican roots is proving it doesn’t take a big village to make a difference. TRANSCRIPT: Inside the Little Village Community Council edifice awaits a beige-colored room lined with tables disguised by donations. Standing in the center of the room is the council’s community organizer, Kristian Armendariz. […]

Andersonville businesses host socially distanced performance art

'Window Plays' by Stop Motion Plant theatre group

By Amelia Burns Medill Reports In 2021, live performances are rare in the city of Chicago, but a local theatre group is proving that in-person community art doesn’t have to be unsafe. Stop Motion Plant is an ensemble group that recently held a series of socially-distanced performances in Andersonville entitled, “Window Plays.” Amelia Burns is […]

In BUILD, Chicago youth find an alternative to gang violence 

Description of the anecdotal lead

By Shreya Bansal Medill Reports CHICAGO — It’s the day before Thanksgiving and a group of young and old men have come out to play football as a part of their “turkey bowl.” When a police car passes by, the officers wave and smile at the players. One of the older men waves back and […]

Taxes make Chicago real estate hard to sell

By Jackson Elliott Medill Reports Chicago’s high real estate prices and the lack of buyers might indicate a housing market bubble, one real estate agent said. Anthony Zammit, a 17-year industry veteran and the CEO of Lofty Real Estate, said that the slow market might be a sign of over-inflated real estate prices, especially given […]

Transportation group president says Rebuild Illinois Act is ‘long overdue’

By Jackson Elliott Medill Reports This year, Illinois will kick off road repairs, funded by the Rebuild Illinois Act, which Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed in 2018 to improve the state’s infrastructure. The act proposes $23 billion in spending on road repairs alone. The total budget of $41 billion will be partly funded by taxes on […]

Pritzker condemns corruption, celebrates economic gains

By Jackson Elliott Medill Reports Protecting corruption in Illinois government is “no longer acceptable,” Governor J.B. Pritzker said in his 2020 State of the State address to the Illinois legislature last Wednesday. His remarks followed the guilty plea of former State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago) on Tuesday for corruption charges. Lawmakers responded to his statement […]

High Illinois taxes drive out business

By Jackson Elliott Medill Reports Scott Schnurr wanted to buy a fully equipped 30,100 square-foot building in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, but high property taxes convinced him to look for real estate elsewhere. The building had stood empty for two years. If not for the taxes, it could have housed a hundred jobs for […]

CTU strike finally comes to a close


By Grace Asiegbu Medill Reports Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) agreed on a five-year labor contract, ending the record 11-day strike that kept 35,000 students at home. The two sides had reached an agreement late on Wednesday about the contract, with specifics including a nurse and a social worker in every […]

How to ensure your electric vehicle is powered by renewable energy


By Brady Jones Medill Reports Driving an electric vehicle plays a critical role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but the impact of this reduction gets diminished if the electricity comes from fossil fuels. The sources of electricity used to power your car must be green too and several choices are available to make that happen. […]