Khumbu Glacier in Nepal offers clues to rapid retreat of ice

By Anne Snabes Medill Reports The Khumbu Glacier in the Himalayas retreated rapidly in the past, offering clues to how the glacier will behave in the future, University of Maine research suggests. Laura Mattas, a master’s student at the university, conducted field research this summer on the Khumbu Glacier in Nepal. She presented her research […]

Rapid glacial melt near Mount Everest peaks threatens Nepali communities

By Elena Bruess Medill Reports Near the peaks of Mount Everest – towering some 5.6 miles above sea level – the ancient Khumbu Glacier is melting. Never before in the last 70 years has the massive ice rock melted more quickly than at present. It is losing thickness at an unprecedented rate – about 131 […]