Kitchens are cooking up a recipe for mental illness


By Olivia Lee Medill Reports It’s Saturday evening, and the tables are set. Servers are dressed in their finest suits. Chef Ryan McCaskey, owner of Acadia, a two-star Michelin restaurant, and his staff have spent all day prepping for tonight’s service. Every little detail has been planned out. Guests are greeted with a welcome drink, […]

CPD’s ongoing battle with mental health calls


By Emine Yücel Medill Reports CHICAGO — In September 1987, answering a 911 call, Memphis police officers found a man stabbing himself more than 100 times with a butcher knife at LeMoyne Gardens, a public housing project. When police approached, they said, the man swung the knife towards them and they shot and killed him. […]

College athletes tackle mental health

By Max Goodman Medill Reports Take a moment and think about the amount of responsibilities that are on any college varsity athlete’s plate… These student athletes have a full slate of practices, games, classes, assignments and meetings on a daily basis. Not to mention seeking out sleep, a social life, relationships, family matters and time […]

Volunteers and survivors of sexual assault help other survivors

The door to Resilience offices, showing the organization's logo.

By Chris Schulz Medill Reports Medical advocates always hope they will not receive this notification during their shift. Even though they have trained for the scenario, are certified by the state to respond and have volunteered their time for this exact reason, it is still heartbreaking. The notification means that someone, somewhere in a hospital […]

Former Athlete Helping Others Find Their Identity

By Nick Mantas Medill Reports High school athletes who don’t play sports in college all go through a transitional period of what life is like without a practice schedule. Chloe Barnes went through that same transition and her experience, like that of thousands other athletes, wasn’t a smooth one. So she created Elle Grace Consulting […]

Six Months After the Storm: How Two Women Navigate Life Post-Hurricane Maria

By Griselda Flores and Sofi LaLonde Angie’s Hurricane Maria Experience “I remember I couldn’t sleep the whole night and day, whatever it was, I don’t even remember like what time it hit and what time it ended. The whole moment is kind of blurry.” When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, […]

College athletes learn to ask for help with mental health

By Astasia Williams On Jan 9, 2017, the Northwestern women’s basketball team endured a tragedy with one of their own. Jordan Hankins, a 19-year-old sophomore from Indianapolis, died by suicide. Hankins was on the pre-med fast track and a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. The reasoning for Hankins’s suicide has not been made public. Her […]

Who helps homeless “L” passengers?

By Harry Huggins Nicholas Saldana met Sarah Levine-Miles on the “L.” He might not have met her at all if it wasn’t so cold that morning last year. And without the chance meeting, Saldana might still be homeless. Saldana survived the cold by sleeping on the CTA Blue Line, riding it all the way from […]