Record number of millennials sign up to run for local office in 2018 midterms

By Elizabeth Beyer Medill Reports Grassroots organizations launched since the last national election to train young first-time candidates received thousands of requests for assistance. First time candidates under the age of 35 are taking on entrenched incumbents in midterm races across the country. Many of them cited the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and lack […]

Millennial voters: Don’t count them in, don’t count them out, either

Instagram selfie of young women wearing hoodie with Hilary Clinton wearing NYC baseball cap

By Jordan Gaines In the final leg of the race to the White House all hands are on deck to get millennials to the polls. Young adults, in fact,  have been blamed for the race being such a close call. This generation is being haunted by a traditionally low voter turnout with only 45 percent […]

Behind the surge: Young Latinos can’t vote but urge others to do so

By Alex Ortiz  Inside a Target in suburban Bolingbrook, about seven volunteers call hundreds of eligible voters urging them to the polls Tuesday, even though, at 14 to 17, these young Latinas can’t vote themselves. “We’re not just sitting around and saying ‘Oh we don’t want this president,’” said Claudia Garcia, 14, a junior high […]

Millennials’ ambition tops loyalty

Millennial advice

By Steven Porter Andrew Jachna switched jobs this month, less than a year after he finished college. The 23-year-old real estate analyst didn’t hesitate when he spotted an opportunity with another company he felt could keep his career moving forward. That mentality places him in good company for his age bracket.

Millennials’ sustainability attitudes contrast with actions


By Kaitlin Schuler Although millennials grew up surrounded by conversations of sustainability and conservation, do their actions now reflect what they have learned? Jenni Corcoran, 22, grew up in Evergreen Park, Illinois, but now lives in a Bridgeport apartment with two roommates and works for AmeriCorps. Growing up, her parents pushed the habits of turning […]