Hillary Clinton wins the unofficial election among people who can’t legally vote

By Pat Nabong On the days leading up to the election, ex-offenders, permanent residents, tourists, disenfranchised voters, Mexicans and immigrants who couldn’t legally vote were able to cast their ballots in unofficial voting stations. And on the night that Donald Trump became president-elect, Hillary Clinton won the unofficial election. Official Unofficial Voting Station: Voting for […]

Artist Diane Thater is transforming the landscape of video installation

By Lauren Ball As if entering hallowed ground, stepping into an art museum implies formality. We try not to click our heels too loudly against the wood floor. We make ourselves as small as possible to avoid blocking the views. And, somewhere in there, we attempt quiet contemplation. This type of learned behavior is exactly […]

David Bowie: Fashion Chameleon


By Alexandra Whittaker In spring 2013, fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier created a collection inspired by rock stars of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Unlike a traditional runway show, Gaultier’s show was set to blaring rock music, and dark silhouettes of dancers moved behind a fog machine in the background. In a collection full of […]