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Punching Back at the Crime in Chicago’s Southside

By Nick Mantas
Medill Reports

Children on the south side of Chicago are subjected to an alarming rate of violence from a very young age. Without after school activities to keep these kids from joining gangs, many find themselves in a gang before high school.

Sally Hazelgrove took it upon herself to create Crushers Club in Englewood in order to get the kids off the streets.

Her goal is to open multiple clubs like this one in order to turn off the stream of the next generation of gang members.

Photo at top: The walls are decorated with photos of Crusher’s Club members. (Nicholas Mantas/MEDILL)

La Perla: Vibrant San Juan neighborhood emerges from checkered reputation

By Nikita Mandhani

La Perla is an old neighborhood just outside the northern historic city wall of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Stretching about 600 meters along the Caribbean Sea, the neighborhood is tucked between Calle Norzagaray and Fort San Cristobal.

La Perla has been an infamous neighborhood since its early days. In the 19th century, it was the site of a slaughterhouse and home to people — slaves, the homeless and non-white servants — who were required to live outside the city walls.

La Perla’s dwellings were among the first homes built on the waterfront. Today the seaside around Old San Juan is largely home to beautiful restaurants, walkways and hotels catering to tourists, but the hard scrabble neighborhood of La Perla continues to occupy some of the island’s most spectacular coast.

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The Hidden Treasures of East Side

By Iacopo Luzi and Yushun Wang

Not many people know where East Side is, but since the 30s, the neighborhood has been home to one of the biggest steel production industries of the country. East Side is a neighborhood on the Illinois and Indiana border. It’s in the southern part of the city.

In the 80s, the plants all closed.

The decline of the Chicago steel industry had profound effects on the East Side community, and the population dropped by several thousand in recent decades. In 1982, the area became an official “enterprise zone,” with the hope to revitalize the local economy.
Two decades later, East Side has a reputation for being a dangerous place, but not everyone agrees with that.
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An unconventional approach to Chicago’s misunderstood gun violence

By Marisa Endicott

January saw its highest death toll from gun violence since 2000 in Chicago this year. There have been over 416 shootings in 2016 to date, 32 of them over this past weekend.

The numbers highlight the deep roots of gun violence in Chicago and the city’s inability to combat the problem.

While overall crime has decreased more than 37 percent since 2011, according to the Chicago Police Department at year’s end, shootings rose in 2015, and certain Chicago neighborhoods bear the brunt of gun violence.

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