Andersonville businesses host socially distanced performance art

'Window Plays' by Stop Motion Plant theatre group

By Amelia Burns Medill Reports In 2021, live performances are rare in the city of Chicago, but a local theatre group is proving that in-person community art doesn’t have to be unsafe. Stop Motion Plant is an ensemble group that recently held a series of socially-distanced performances in Andersonville entitled, “Window Plays.” Amelia Burns is […]

27-Year-Old Show Still Attracts New Audience Members

"Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind"

By Carlos D. Williamson For the Neo-Futurists, elaborate performances and quirky narratives are nothing new. Founded in Chicago by performer and playwright Greg Allen, the experimental theater troupe has been putting on shows since 1988. While the ensemble has changed over the years, the performers still find ways to keep audiences coming back.