Meet ‘Big G’s’ Spicy Pizza Pioneer Jaime Gamez


By Harrison Liao Medill Reports Picture your dream pizza. Whether it’s monstrous Chicago deep dish or a bright, red Naples style pie, you can envision a few common savory traits — cheese stretching at the seams with the physics-defying grace of an Olympic gymnast, steam rolling off of shimmering tomato sauce and crust decorated with […]

Italian food and culture helped shape the history of Cook County

By Iacopo Luzi According to the last U.S. census, 18,000 Italians live in Cook County. That number includes Italian immigrants and Italians born in the United States. The group makes up the second largest European population in Cook County, just after the Polish. Giuseppe Quercia, from Naples, Campania, moved to the United States in 1968 […]