Understanding conspiracies: Why people fall for them — and how to resist

Person holding COVID vaccine

By Daphne Yao Medill Reports The Jan. 6 Capitol rioters included QAnon members, who believe a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibals operating a child sex-trafficking ring conspired against President Donald Trump. In 2016, 4Chan website users started a conspiracy theory, dubbed Pizzagate, claiming that a Washington, D.C., pizzeria served as headquarters for a child sex-trafficking ring […]

Where are they now: Catching up with former Olympic figure skater Rachael Flatt

Rachael Flatt

By Olivia Lee Medill Reports In early 2014, Olympic figure skater Rachael Flatt sat in her hotel lobby in Boston. She was surrounded by friends, family and former competitors, all scarfing down cannoli from one of Flatt’s favorite little hot spots in the city, Mike’s Pastry. With glasses of champagne raised, they toasted to Flatt, […]

Dads who exercise may pass down cognitive benefits to their offspring

Mouse study shows offspring of active fathers are better at learning and remembering By Valerie Nikolas Medill Reports Men, if you want smarter kids, it may be time to hit the gym. When it comes to baby-bearing, women often get the brunt of the responsibility, especially before a child is born. But new evidence shows […]