Chinatown residents want underreported safety issues addressed

Chinatown resident

By Jingzhe (Kelly) Wang Heading west from 24th Pl. and Princeton Ave. in Chicago’s Chinatown, Haiting Yu walks through an underpass with rusty-looking infrastructure and cracks on the wall. A few feet into the tunnel, a light blinks. Some are completely out. Feeling water dripping down from above, Yu picks up her pace. “You have […]

Here’s why you need to pay attention to rising water levels in Lake Michigan

By Caley Chelios Lake Michigan’s water levels have risen significantly since hitting an all-time low two years ago. Levels are three feet higher than they were in January 2013. The resurgence of water has had a positive effect on commercial shipping, recreational boaters and our ecosystems. However, not all the effects have been positive. The […]

When volunteers help connect beat cops with communities, crime often goes down

By Jasmine Cen A beat facilitator is a volunteer who connects Chicago police officers working a beat with members of the community to help combat neighborhood violence. [vimeo 159123979 w=474] Beat facilitators meet monthly with the officers to talk about safety concerns at Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) meetings. The CAPS program began in 1993. More than 200 meetings happen every […]