Spencer Boehm continues the family tradition at New Trier

By Eric Burgher “Is this your kid?” the woman asked, holding the boy’s hand. She had found him downstairs in the weight room doing flips and cartwheels. Attempting them, anyway. Susan Boehm gazed down at her then-four-year-old son, a big smile on his face and a welt the size of a grapefruit on his head. […]

Steep learning curve but high ceiling for young New Trier star

By Eric Burgher Word had gotten around about a 12-year-old hockey player from Glencoe, who at 6-foot-5, was growing out of his pads. Ciaran Brayboy, who had been skating since he was four and playing hockey since kindergarten, grew up on the ice. But as he approached his teenage years, Brayboy started to see signs […]

Hot shooting, health have New Trier back on right track

By Eric Burgher New Trier felt a sense of relief heading back to the visiting locker room after their 61-44 victory over Glenbrook South. “That’s what happens when the ball actually goes in the hoop,” said assistant coach Terry Coughlin as he headed in behind the players. Indeed, it was a striking turnaround for the Trevians, […]