NFL greats reunite in style on the red carpet

By Caley Chelios and Nicole Sedivy The red carpet at the NFL Draft turned into a Walk of Fame on Friday night. Hall of Famers and NFL legends strolled down the red carpet on their way into Auditorium Theatre to announce the picks of the third round of the draft. Many of these former players […]

A tale of two schools on protest day

Teachers, parents and children stand in front of Saucedo Scholastic Academy as they rally against budget cuts

By Vishakha Darbha and Bian Elkhatib T eachers, parents and students gathered across the city Wednesday to protest Chicago Public Schools’ budget cuts. The Chicago Teachers Union helped organize the demonstrations in nearly 200 schools, demanding more funding for teachers and extra-curricular activities. Other issues included smaller classrooms and a decrease in standardized tests. Medill […]