London music venues

By Carter Mohs 

This project is an overview of a wide variety of music venues across London.

From dive bars with £5 covers to arenas that host major music awards, and even a 500-year-old tavern with Sunday evening jazz.

Churchill: Rejected, elected, rejected

By Jackson Elliott

The finished piece is an Adobe Spark presentation on Winston Churchill and the Churchill War Rooms. Using photos, historical footage and videos with collages, the piece tells the story of Churchill’s public life before, during and after World War II. The piece tells consumers the parts of Churchill’s story that they didn’t know; namely, his unpopularity before and after the war.

Taste Seoul in London

By Ju Park

Through the final project, I tried to introduce the popularity of Korean food in London. During the London trip, I visited five different Korean restaurants and eateries that are recommended by the locals. With the photos and videos that I took from the venues, I created a multimedia story that can vividly deliver the K-food hype in London and used text to explain why this story matters now – introducing the cultural context of the Korean food popularity.

Character personalities in costumes

By Mackenzie Evenson

There are so many details in the costumes in Harry Potter people do not pay attention to. If you look closely, the character’s personalities are reflected in what they wear on their bodies. Whether they’re evil and wearing black, or they have erratic hair and are crazy—you can see a part of who they are in what they wear. I go through a lot of the main characters of the series, along with some of the better-known props, and describe how the costume shows who they are or what their purpose is.

Expecto Graphics

By Megan Sauer

There’s magic behind the wizarding world.

The London Underground

By Meredith Gallo

The London Underground plays an integral part of how London runs, day after day, but it’s also an iconic part of London and design innovation history.

Building Pop Brixton

By Nicole Stock

This is a photo essay presentation about Pop Brixton following two tracks – building community and building businesses.

This is Pop Brixton

By Rikki Li

A mini-mall built on an abandoned parking garage in South London, Pop Brixton was never meant to be a permanent space. Rather, this establishment aimed to be a launch pad for local start-up businesses. “You come in, you get started, you move on,” said assistant general manager Morris Shamah.

Pop Brixton: London’s haven for local startups

By Ruby Thompson

This project illustrates how London’s Pop Brixton has become a catalyst for local startups to put down roots in the city and grow enough to become self-sufficient.

The Tube and the L

By Ruiqi Chen

This project is a comparison of the subway ads in London’s Tube system and Chicago’s L system and how things like advertisements can tell the story of an entire city.

Feel the street: What it’s like to be a London busker

By Xurui Tan

London is a cultural center in Europe and also home to thousands of street buskers. They dance, sing and live in every corner of the city. I divided my project into two parts. The first one is about the big pictures of London buskers and their personal stories. I interviewed a couple of street musicians in London and took dozens of pictures and videos here. The second part is about five places where you can find the best buskers in London. I used my own experiences and did some research online

Fashion in London: How can clothes tell a story

By Zhihui Xing

The design is for an art, fashion and design website which targets on Gen Z audiences who are interested in the field, demonstrating London’s vibe of fashion. I divided the story into three parts — fashion in vintage stores, fashion in museums and fashion in film — to give the audience a comprehensive understanding of how the city’s daily life roots in art culture.