VIDEO: Medill Reports ElectionCast

Medill News Service’s Election 2015 video team brings you a roundup of the day’s most important coverage, exploring early morning voter delays, Chinatown’s low voter engagement and a social media rundown of what people are talking about around Chicago.

A table with free donuts and coffee was set up in the middle of a Bridgeport polling station this morning by poll watchers who told voters to vote for Richard Daley Thompson while they were standing within the anti-electioneering “campaign free zone.” COERCION BY DOUGHNUT

Voters inside a Bridgeport polling station were met this morning by poll watchers with free coffee and donuts. The catch? They told them to vote for Richard Daley Thompson. Continue reading

King Shun Moy, 91, votes at a polling station in the 25th Ward. (Jin Wu/Medill)OUT AND ABOUT

Medill reporters take a look at some of the most competitive and crucial wards throughout the city including the 10th, 11th, 16th and 25th wards. Continue reading

Some polls were in odd locations, such as laundromats, hair salons and bars.POLLS REMAIN QUIET

Across Chicago, voter turnout has hit near record low. As vote counting comes to an end, a runoff between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chuy Garcia has been called.
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Photo at top: A thank you for voting card distributed to voters in Chinatown. (Jin Wu/Medill)