Warhammer keeps fantasy alive on tabletops

By Andrew Sweeney
Medill Reports

Still angry about the last season of Game of Thrones and looking for a new fantasy world to lose yourself in? You need not wait for the next big HBO or Amazon show. There is a community near you, ready to join you in battle.

Warhammer is a series of tabletop battle games owned by British company Games Workshop. Players meet in the real world with real miniatures they paint and assemble themselves.

The hobby’s longevity in the digital age is remarkable, but what is more unique is the community that exists around Warhammer, and its rare and varied appeal.

In this video, players talk all things Warhammer — and the “unbridled creativity” it offers them — at Warhammer Glenview.

Photo at top: The inspiration for Warhammer comes from all aspects of popular culture, like these marines from the sci-fi horror film Aliens. (Andrew Sweeney/MEDILL)