#WHERESTHEJUSTICE: Muslim students talk about social justice from an Islamic perspective

By Jasmine M. Ellis

Students at Loyola University Chicago are learning more about the Muslim community through Islam Appreciation Week. Hosted by the Muslim Student Association, the organization is focusing on social justice from an Islamic perspective. Using #WHERESTHEJUSTICE students are contributing to the conversation by sharing what social justice issues matter most to them. Muslim students hope to use this week as a platform to change the narrative surrounding Islam in the media.

“The Muslim population have been represented in the media mainly through these extremist groups who are not really mainstream Muslims,” said Lamya Saleh, a physics professor at Loyola University Chicago. “Islam is really a religion that promotes peace and love.”

Photo at Top: A student at Loyola University Chicago supports the Muslim Student Association in the fight for social justice. (Jasmine M. Ellis/Medill)