Wrigley Field racing to add the finishing touches before opening day

By Caley Chelios

It’s that time of the year again! Cubs opening day is right around the corner, but the big question is, will Wrigley Field be ready on time? Construction crews are working tirelessly inside and outside the stadium to make sure everything is ready to go for fans to enjoy the big game Monday night against the Cincinnati Reds. In addition to Wrigley Field’s iconic marquee that has been restored and returned to its original spot, other renovations are underway including a new hotel plaza where the McDonald’s on Clark street once stood.

[vimeo 162391293 w=474]

Local business owner Brad Rosen urges Cubs fans to arrive earlier than usual because of limited parking and heightened security with all the renovations surrounding the ball park. Rosen said the new additions look outstanding and he’s confident the construction will be finished on time to play ball. Now, as to whether the Cubs will win the World Series this year, Rosen smirked and threw his hands in the air to say, “That’s the million dollar question, I don’t know.”

Photo at top: Restored Wrigley Field marquee returned to its original spot. (Caley Chelios/MEDILL)