Wrigleyville Sports takes a stand by keeping Addison Russell merchandise off the shelves

Ben Friedl/Medill

By Ben Friedl
Medill Reports

Although the Chicago Cubs decided to bring back infielder Addison Russell for the 2019 season, Wrigleyville Sports will not bring back its Russell merchandise, according to a store manager.

Russell, 25, was suspended 40 games on October 3 for violating Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy. As a result, Wrigleyville Sports has taken a stance by removing any merchandise that says “Russell” from their stores.

“Ultimately everyone made a decision to send it all back to the warehouse. Even if people come in looking for it, it becomes a question of should we sell it?” said Rhiannon Foard, one of the managers of Wrigleyville Sports.

​While Wrigleyville Sports removed all Russell merchandise last season, the official Cubs Team Store continues to sell Addison Russell jerseys at full price.

“It is company policy to continue selling a player’s jersey until they either retire or are traded from the team,” store supervisor Angela Maldonado said.

The Chicago Cubs did not reply to a request from Medill Reports for comment regarding Wrigleyville Sports’ exclusion of Russell’s merchandise from sales.

Get caught up with the chronology of Russell’s recent suspension in the timeline below:

Photo at top: A selection of Cubs merchandise. (Ben Friedl/Medill)