‘Young Invincibles’ work to make youth issues more visible (Video)

By Kristen Vake

Health insurance is a hot topic this election year, and with a deadline looming for signing up under the Affordable Care Act, this week it’s the main focus for several organizations across the country.

This is the third year for National Youth Enrollment Week which is an effort led by the Young Invincibles, Get Covered America, and a number of other organizations. The initiative is focused on the fact that 1 in 5 young adults is without healthcare insurance.

[vimeo 152493480 w=490 h=270]

Elena Sakopoulos, Midwest Outreach Coordinator for the Young Invincibles, says signing up for health insurance can be intimidating to young adults.

“We need more education on basic terms like explaining what your premium is, what your deductible is,” said Sakopoulos.  “A lot of young folks still aren’t familiar with those concepts so that leads them to make decisions that aren;t optimal with their health insurance.”

The group ‘Young Invincibles’ gets its name from the younger demographic who may feel invincible and not in need of health insurance.

The health insurance enrollment period ends on January 31.

Photo at top: Kristen Vake/Medill