Eating disorders can eat away your body

By Priyam Vora Eating disorders take an enormous toll on your body – not only draining weight but impacting the bones, heart and other organs.  Between 5 to 20 percent of people who develop the disease eventually die from it, according to WebMD.

Park projects highlight inequality

By Meg Rauch Urbs in horto… Latin for “City in a Garden” has been Chicago’s motto for almost 200 years. The city recently added Maggie Daley Park in the Loop to its more than 8100 acres of parkland, and many hope the Obama Presidential Library will soon become another crown jewel in the city park […]

Racial bias in policing not just a Ferguson problem

Page May speaks at an activism event

By Kate Morrissey Page May said that when her family came to visit her in Chicago, they were all standing on a street corner in Logan Square as a police officer pulled up slowly beside them and signaled to her that he was watching. She said he then drew his hand across his throat and […]

Chicago workers show concern over wages

By Lucy Ren The U.S. labor market is showing great momentum for recovery as the unemployment rate dipped to a seven-year low of 5.5 percent in February. Nevertheless, wages remain stagnant, and that is a concern for a sampling of working people in downtown Chicago. Evelina Juarez, sales manager at the Fannie May candy store […]

Mental health advocates protest lack of care in poorest neighborhoods

Mental health advocates at city hall

By Meg Anderson Just weeks before the April 7 run-off election, mental health activists rally at the mayor’s office Tuesday to denounce the shortage of clinics in high-need areas. Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed six of Chicago’s 12 mental health clinics in 2012 to consolidate care and balance the budget. Although the City says it is […]

Lindblom to dedicate innovative classroom to legendary journalist

By Taylor Mullaney When Ethel Payne was a student at Lindblom High School in West Englewood nearly a century ago, she published exactly one article for her school’s newspaper. But, according to biographer James McGrath Morris, Payne was never allowed on the newspaper’s staff. As a black student during a time when Chicago was deeply […]

queshin’ n’ Anser w/ King of Strong taeks, PFT Commenter

By Bennet Hayes Odell Beckham Jr. wasnt the nFL’s only Break-out star in 2014: at lease knot on the twitter’s world. As you just saw in the headline and first paragrah, grammatical and spelling errors can make for a choppy read. But in the case of one NFL satirist, there is plenty of material worth reading […]

Lawsuit against Lucas Museum to proceed

Lucas Museum

by Constantina Kokenes U.S. District Judge John W. Darrah Thursday morning denied a motion by the city of Chicago and the Chicago Park District to dismiss a lawsuit against a proposal to locate the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art on Chicago’s Museum Campus. “We felt that in the state court system, it might be less likely that […]