Signed, sealed, delivered: LT Distributing solving Chicago’s receiving dilemma

By Arionne Nettles Package receiving services are in hot demand, something LT Distributing owner Thomas Demme quickly discovered after becoming the first U.S. company to sell lockable parcel delivery boxes, called iBins, designed to thwart thieves. Within a matter of weeks, Demme’s St. Charles, Illinois-based business expanded to include a receiving center that can hold customers’ […]

Company founded on talking and tweeting sees early success

By Antea Gatalica There’s no shame in crashing at Mom and Dad’s after graduation if you’re Taylor Gaines, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who has successfully launched a full-service social media agency. Founded just two years ago, Chicago-based TNT Digital Media now sees steady revenues of approximately $10,000 each month.

Disney investors unmoved by ESPN subscriber loss

By Alex Valentine Investors in Walt Disney Co. seem to be shrugging off concerns about the growing number of Americans cutting the cord on ESPN and ditching their cable subscriptions. Shares of Disney plummeted in August when the company acknowledged on a conference call that ESPN had lost 7 million subscribers in the last two […]

Fracking is possible solution to Clean Power Plan, experts say

fracking gas well

By Madison Hopkins Illinois environmental leaders delivered nearly 35,000 petitions last month to Gov. Rauner’s office, urging him to support President Obama’s controversial Clean Power Plan, which is being hotly contested in Congress and across the country. As the future of the plan remains uncertain, as does the potential paths Illinois could take to reach […]

Northwestern students revolutionize speaker design with start-up Audiovert

By Ariana LaBarrie Three Northwestern University students are taking their love of music and technology to the next level with their audio speaker start-up called Audiovert. Instead of the usual black box speakers, Audiovert offers as much personality as the music people play . Customers can customize the basic hexagon-shaped speakers by deciding how many panels […]

An artist’s eye on fashion

By Lily Singh Tucked behind a gray fedora, Rosemary Fanti’s eyes floated between her subjects and her canvas as she crafted her live fashion illustrations of customers in the fragrance department at Bloomingdale’s on Michigan Avenue. As Fanti illustrated, person after person stood by to admire her work. Shoppers who may have otherwise been in a […]

Women’s football team deals with concussion issue, too

The 2014 Chicago Force team together during a game against the Indy Crash.

By Haydee Clotter The Chicago Force women’s football team isn’t exempt from the concussion issue. Even with equipment improvements for their safety, the female players face health risks, not only the men. “I’m not going to say they’re prone to injury more because I don’t think the impact that they’re getting (is comparable),” said former […]